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Principal's Message


Each year brings exciting opportunity and new growth and the 2017-18 school year is no exception. We are dedicated to academic excellence and to the personal, physical, and social development of students. All students are challenged to reach their full individual potential in a positive, student-centered, teacher-guided environment. Our staff believes that a school wide emphasis on providing opportunities for students to develop sound decision making skills will help prepare them for success.


Motivation, instructional planning, parent engagement, teacher efficacy and consistency of high expectations are irrevocably intertwined. Conveying positive and high expectations to all students occurs in several ways. One of the most powerful is through rigor, relevance and relationships in which teachers and staff communicate with students, parents and guardians.  These relationships play a role in motivating students and instilling within them a responsibility for learning.


Along with success in and out of the classroom, students will be successful on reaching advanced academic performance on the state STAAR exams.  These exams are rigorous and it will take everyone’s effort to make sure that our students are successful.  Parents and guardians can help us by reinforcing respect, discipline, attendance, have students complete assignments and managing student time wisely.


Thank you,

Carlos Flores

Carlos Flores
Orange Grove Junior High